BILHI SKIN KELOID Software is an in vitro diagnostic medical device which determine the genetic predisposition to developing a keloid scar, based on genetic data obtained from human biological sampling. 

A keloid scar is an "over-scaring" triggered by excess collagen in the derma. The scar is inflamed, rubbery, and can vary in colour from red to dark brown, depending on the skin pigmentation.

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Potentially debilitating, depending on its location, it can bring great discomfort, not only from a visual point of view, but also due to the itchness it can cause.

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A keloid scar can appear following a surgical intervention.

The aim of genetic testing is to establish your genetic predisposition to developing a keloid scar based on a sample of your saliva. It is carried out using an in-vitro diagnostic medical device (software) which evaluates your genetic data.

the sample does not require any special medical treatment and poses no risk to your health. The genetic test will allow the surgeon to adapt his medical strategy in order to take preventative measures so that you do not develop a keloid scar.

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